Mary's Bridal is one of the nation's largest and most successful quinceanera gown designers. Mary's designs tend to be more traditional. Our gowns are designed so that every girl can look like a princess on their wedding day.
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2019/2020 Quinceanera Models


Can I order directly from Mary's?

No, Mary's is a designer / manufacturer / wholesaler, so we only sell to stores. Please look at our store listing on our website for a store near you at

How should I clean my quinceanera dress?

First of all, ALWAYS get your dress cleaned after wearing. If it is not cleaned in a reasonable amount of time after wearing a yellowing of the fabric may result from prolonged storage. ALWAYS take your bridal dress to a professional cleaner that specializes in bridal dresses. Your normal cleaner may damage the precious dress by using the wrong chemicals. Make sure preservation do not use the chemical Perchloroethylene. Please check the internet for some reputable professional bridal gown preservation if necessary.

How can I locate a store that has the quinceanera dress I want?

Please look at our store listing on our website for the phone numbers of stores near you. Please then call the stores and tell them the style numbers you are interested in.

How can I receive the fastest and best service?

Make sure the store you are dealing with is an authorized Mary's Dealer. You can check by seeing if it is listed on our website. If it is not a reputable Mary's store, then its quality and service may be poor, and we want only the best for the quinceaneras to be.

There are some internet sites located in China or ship directly from China that sell your dress. The prices are unbelievably cheap. Are they authorized distributors?

No. many Chinese web sites have every designer's pictures. Basically, they are sites that steal all the major manufacturers' pictures from other web sites and try to lure you with their pricing. They claim they can copy over 2000 different bridal designs from just looking at the little pictures that you also see from the internet. Unfortunately, what they think looks like a similar copy is not. You will lose your money, and you have to return what you don't like China. In addition, all the affiliations they list like Better Business Bureau are fake.

Is the color of the picture display the same color as the quinceanera dress?

Not always. Your monitor and color correction utilities may change the colors. Different brands, lighting in the room, and other variables can also make your eyes receiving different color information. Do not use pictures and magazines as color swatches since different brands of ink on different types of paper may have a different feel. Ask the store to show you sample swatches and allow for slight dye-lot difference.

Any final words of advice for a quinceanera to be?

Always try on the quinceanera dress a final time before taking it home. Never pay in full until you have gotten the dress and tried it on.

Can Mary's do special made dresses?

No, but maybe the store can modify your dress.